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Command Staff College (aka Command School) was a division of Starfleet Academy. (Star Fleet Technical Manual, TOS novel: The Kobayashi Maru)

The curriculum in this division prepared and certified Starfleet commissioned officers for at least single-vessel command.

In some continuities, the Command-training regimen was regarded as part of the four-year undergraduate coursework at the Academy. (Star Trek) In other continuities, it was a two-year post-graduate course. (Absolute Horizon, Star Trek: Luna)

In STNV: Center Seat, Hikaru Sulu seems to have completed the coursework in only a few months. It may be possible to undergo the training discontinuously in some continuities.

Only half of the cadets or officers who undertook this curriculum completed it. (Orion Press: "First Contact 101", "Alis Volat Propriis") Graduates of Command School received the rank of lieutenant commander upon completion of the coursework. (Center Seat)

The Kobayashi Maru scenario was an optional exam of the program. It was designed to test an officer's reaction to a no-win situation. (Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan)

James T. Kirk took the exam, but Spock did not. (Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan)

By the 2360s, an endowed department chairmanship at the Command Staff College was named after James T. Kirk. One of the professors who held it was Bayle Olin Erikssen. (Star Trek: Luna)


The Command School was located north of San Francisco, in the Marin Headlands near Horseshoe Bay. (Beverly Crusher Investigates: The Death on the Kobayashi Maru)

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