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"Confessions" is the ninth episode of the first season of the fan fiction series Star Trek: Odyssey.


While investigating traces of radiation, similar to the radiation used by the Terran Empire, Lt. Commander Zofchak and Lt. Commander Sato try to prevent the radiation from forming an interspatial anomaly. Something goes wrong, and the shuttle is critically damaged. The two officers have to beam out to the closest planet. Once on the planet, the two of them set up an emergency transmitter in hopes of alerting a Federation starship of their location. While waiting, Hoshi falls down a lava tube and breaks her leg. A storm suddenly kicks up and it starts raining furiously. Water begins to fill up in the lava tube and Hoshi can't swim with a broken leg. While attempting to save her, Dustin notices that a starship is hailing the transmitter. He is faced with saving Hoshi and missing the hail or answering the hail and let Hoshi drown.

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