Confrontation Group Aleph was a Starfleet task force extant in the early 23rd century. The flagship of the task force was the Baton Rouge-class starship USS Arcturus commanded by Captain Ismail Supriyanto. ("The USS Arcturus in History"; Star Trek: Avenger: "Belonging") Two of the other ships in the task force were the Sadat-class vessels Begin and Abdullah. (Star Trek: Shadowstar Station Files: Sadat-Class Light Cruiser)

In 2243, Confrontation Group Aleph was the primary element of Federation forces during the Battle of Donatu V. At least three other Confrontation Groups (Beth, Gimel and Daleth) were deployed around the Federation at the time.

Elena Mendenhall Justice was a Marine officer assigned to the 136th Marine Strike Group aboard Arcturus from 2236-46.

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