The Copernicus Ship Yards (also known as Copernicus Base) were a United Federation of Planets starship construction facility active during at least the 23rd century and located in the Sol system, with elements on the surface of and in orbit around the Earth's moon, Luna.

Copernicus was one of the main centers of construction for the Yoyodyne Division (referred to as "Yoyodyne Propulsion Systems" on many starship dedication plaques) which played a major role in the construction of Constellation-class vessels at the base, including the starships USS Hathaway (NCC-2593) and USS Valkyrie (NCC-2590) (TNG: "Peak Performance")

In the year 2294 the base was under the command of Rear Admiral Sondergaard. (Star Trek: Valkyrie: "New Command")

In 2415, the USS Pennsylvania, a Antechrist-class carrier, was under construction at Copernicus Ship Yards. (Star Trek: False Vacuum: "Asteroid Dusting")

The Copernicus Ship Yards were likely named after the crater Copernicus on the Moon, which in turn was named in honor of the astronomer Nicolaus Copernicus.

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