Cresentians in their true forms called Najh
Planet: Cresia One
Government: Second Najh
Form of Government: Constitutional monarchy
Executive: Han
Head of State: Furnac Anor
Formation: Synoecism
Location: Oralian sector
Legislature: The Body
Religion: The Keeping
Currency: Standard credits
Affiliation: Oralian Peace Union, United Federation of Planets
Talnoc Lore in humanoid form

The Cresentians are species that live on the planet of Cresia One, a planet near the border of spacial phenomena known as the the Nothingness in the Oralian sector. (Star Trek: Pioneer)

The first Cresentian to have been medical examined by Starfleet personnel was Talnoc Lore. ("Aftermath")

History[edit | edit source]

Before the Nothingness, the Cresentians had a small empire that they called The Najh. Now this empire is refered to as the First Najh. The strange natural phenomena, called the “Nothingness”, shallowed up what was once the Cresentians's First Najh. Their homeworld, Cresia One, survived this phenomena, as well as Cresia Two and Cresia Four. The Cresentians then began their Second Najh. The ruler of the Cresentian people is a king that they call the Han. In 2381, the Second Najh, joined the Oralian Peace Union. ("Security Threat", "Aftermath")

Physiology[edit | edit source]

Most Cresentians appear as tall and slender humanoids with pale colored skin, though it is darker around their yellow eyes. Their hair color is usually black, and it gets whiter with age. Cresentians never go bald.

But that is not the true appearance of the Cresentians.

The bipedal or humanoid forms are only mechanism for the really Cresentians. They use the humanoid forms to communicate with other species. On their homeworld, they had evolved beyond the need for a bipedal form. The Cresentian body resembles that of a [worm]]. Their actual size is only .4572 meters in length. On their homeworld they exist in pools of a brownish orange liquid. In some regards the Cresentians are similar to the Trill, except for the fact that they have antennae and flippers, that help them maneuver in their natural fluid environment.

The Cresentians are watched over by the Najh Keepers. Najh is what the Cresentians call their natural form. The current government, called the Second Najh, means the second body. The Najh Keepers are Cresentians who have sacrificed their existence in the true form to look after the body. ("Aftermath")

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