Cricket is a bat-and-ball sport originating on the planet Earth.

Cricket is played with a wooden bat and hard red ball, on a large grassy oval. Batsmen wear distinctive padded leg guards.

History[edit | edit source]

Originating in pre-industrial England, the game spread to most of that planet during Earth's pre-space-flight period. By the 21st century, cricket was the most popular game in regions like South Asia, Australia and New Zealand, and second only to soccer planet-wide.

The sport's origins saw it considered as a gentleman's game, where fairplay was a key aspect to the nature of the game. This gave rise to the saying "It's just not cricket", when referring to acts or events that are unjust or unfair.

By the 23rd century diplomatic exchanges has spread cricket to other Federation worlds—there are Andorian and Carnelian players on the team of the USS Mumbai. Cricketers practise their skills in cricket nets erected in spare cargo bays. (TOSS #6 "Nets")

Daniel Hunter put cricketing skills to good use escaping from an Archein prison ship in 2384. (Orphans of War)

Quotes[edit | edit source]

"Baseball? Never heard of it. Is it anything like cricket?"
Daniel Hunter ("Orphans of War")

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