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Cruchitude Dump is the eigth episode of Star Trek: The Stoneship Files.


Act 1[]

During a patrol run, the Stoneship (BC-347) flew through Xita and Chelymun, the communications officer suggested that Christmas was to be celebrated onboard. They decide to celebrate Christmas at a place where the God of Landfills was worshipped, with Vincour, the new archaeology and anthropology officer, saying that her tuition was so high that she took on 80,000 slips of latinum in debt, before going into a holodeck to practice the soapbox car procedures.

Act 2[]

Having learned that Kolmor was in sickbay due to his misadventure with a Kharissian proximity mine, Brianna trained Vincour as to how to act in a soapbox race in preparation for the Frozen Howler race on Kotalub, where the USS Mercutio and the Anarchopanda are stationed. Once the away team on Kotalub's surface, Vincour goes into a scuffle against Faith Kingsford, going so far as calling her an empty jar (incredibly shallow person in Lyran slang) cutting her pay for 60 days, with Jutudiel appearing shortly thereafter.

Act 3[]

Brianna Reiss wagered the entirety of Vincour's student debt on Urie and Mrazek finishing the race. A heat #3 that began with a delay for the pair, navigating through a sea of snow in order to find a way to provoke the crash of more racers, either on the snowfield or in the landfill, ramming an opponent and later winning the heat. Vincour is comforted by the crash of Faith's cart, provoked by Shi'ow, who crashed as well. Faith cursed the day she joined the Starfleet News Service, saying that she'd rather have stayed with CUTV.

Act 4[]

Brianna starts her heat by provoking a five-cart crash with a thrown metal weight used as ballast, thus taking the lead of the heat. She secured victory of the heat when her closest opponent crashed into a pile of electrical equipment. Due to the danger posed by the course, Urie is declared the winner, since she had a better time than her commanding officer, and Brianna winning 1.8 million latinum slips. Vincour asked Atenza to beam down a few copies of her book The Three-Year Party to the surface.

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