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"Crucial" (or Star Trek: Crucial) was the eighth spin-off of Star Trek: Phoenix-X and seventh spin-off of the third season. It originally stood on its own until it was integrated into Star Trek: Phoenix-X in August 2014. The story focuses on the crew of the USS Crucial and is written as logs from its crew.

Posting guide[]

Spin-off 8 Posted Prod. Code Synopsis Link
Spin-off 8A 2006 PNX100_O008NA Hatcha loses a wedding ring and over uses a training program. [1]
Spin-off 8B 2006 PNX100_O008NB Menrow: The Crucial loses all its log entries and the crew is forced to start over. [2]
Spin-off 8C 2006 PNX100_O008NC Barley sleeps with his instructor from Starfleet Academy, who is now stationed at Deep Space 5. [3]
Spin-off 8D 2006 PNX100_O008ND Ferona: Under-appreciated, Ferona is blamed for several mistakes aboard the Crucial. [4]
Spin-off 8E 2006 PNX100_O008NE Menrow: The Ferengi marauder Diamond's Link accidentally attacks the Crucial, thinking they were someone else. [5]
Spin-off 8F 2006 PNX100_O008NF Jeanne: The Counselor tires of Barley's sob stories. [6]

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Background information[]

  • The logs first resided on "MSN spaces", in 2006, consisting of only one entry, until they were started up again on in 2007. Both blog sites are now extinct and the entries have been migrated to the Star Trek: Phoenix-X website.
  • Hatcha's gender isn't specified here, and isn't specified as female until "Into Harshness".

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