"Crystal Clear" is the seventeenth episode of the fan film series Starship Antyllus and the seventh episode of season two.

Summary[edit | edit source]

Captain Allen must follow strict orders to help an Ambassador convince his people to make a treaty with the Federation to mine its crystals. But the crystals may hold the key to the mysterious past of the planet, making them invaluable-- and to some-- not for sale at any price! Will everyone involved come out alive?

Cast[edit | edit source]

Special guest stars[edit | edit source]

  • Anya Sheila Kayaian as Sharb
  • Vance Major as Captain Erick Minard
  • Mike Moran as Dr. Robinson
  • Cathleen Benites as Admiral Herzog
  • Vance Major as Ambassador Alavetkor
  • Trey McElwain as First Minister
  • James K. Lewis as Zaku
  • Adega Outlaw as Second Minister
  • Elizabeth Dollard as Rak Nuvo
  • Kaitlin Valente as Miss Akali

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