"Crystal Method, Part I" was the forty-fifth episode of Star Trek: Phoenix-X. It was the first part of a two-part episode arc, and the twentieth episode of the second season.


An Evvelen starship wielding a destructive beam focused through a mysterious crystal destroys the USS Blue Nose.

The Phoenix-X is sent to take out the threat, but instead run into the Fragma Alliance. The Fragma tech-ship, Mako, is sent to fight the Phoenix-X, but fails miserably. This impresses Captain Memphis of the lead tech-ship, Trance, who decides to let the Phoenix-X join them. Daniel hopes that joining the Fragma Alliance will make things easier in finding the Evvelen ship and destroying it.

But for the time being, Daniel decides it's a good idea to go along with whatever the Fragma are up to, in order to give them space. The Fragma reveal that they are looking for a powerful crystal. They depict a map and decide that it's time to go after it - the crystal being located at the border of Hellonesian space.

During their travels, the Phoenix-X picks up signs of a surviving shuttle from the Blue Nose. But before anything can be done, the Fragma Alliance runs into the Nega'Jem - who are also after the crystal. When all arrive in Hellonesian space, it is soon discovered that the crystal is located on a comet, along with traces of Hellonesian technology.

Daniel decides to send Kugo on a cloaked shuttle to investigate the Hellonesian homeworld and ask questions. As the Nega'Jem and Fragma Alliance race to cut the crystal loose from the comet, an Evvelen starship awakens beyond the Sector.

Kugo, Matt and Lox make it to Hellonesia and meet the leader, AvecRanex. He admits that the Hellonesians were at war with another species long ago, over these crystals. It is then decided that a Hellonesian fleet would be sent to the comet to deal with the situation at hand.

Meanwhile, both Fragma and Nega'Jem fight over the crystal until the Phoenix-X captures it and gives it to the Memphis. Finally acquiring what they were looking for, Memphis puts the Fragma on free-time, allowing all ships to do whatever they want. The Phoenix-X uses this opportunity to Transwarp away and confront the Evvelen ship that destroyed the Blue Nose.

When they get there, they engage battle with the Evvelen ship - but the Mako makes an appearance and distracts the Phoenix-X from battle with questions. In the end Daniel decides to retreat and come back later with a battle plan.

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"The Mako was one of our most powerful ships."
"Yeah, well, now it's one of your most damaged.
Memphis and Daniel

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