D'Sefet was the Caitian Starfleet commanding officer of Federation Installation Nine and the USS Bastet. His friends called him Sef. (D'Sefet's Cat House, the logs of Federation Installation Nine‎)

D'Sefet was born on 31 October 2246 and joined Starfleet in 2264, serving as a cadet under Captain James T. Kirk aboard the USS Enterprise.

By 2278, he was serving aboard the USS Bozeman when that ship became caught in a temporal causality loop in the Typhon Expanse. The Bozeman reemerged from the loop in 2368. After fighting the Borg in the Sol sector, the Bozeman underwent a year long repair and refit at a drydock facility. Her crew was reassigned and D'Sefet transferred to the USS Shadow Hawk.

He remained aboard the Shadow Hawk during the Dominion War, rising in the ranks from a joint communications/tactical officer role to the executive officer of the vessel.

After the Federation and the Kzinti redrew their common border, Starfleet reactivated an abandoned Kzinti space station and renamed it Federation Installation Nine. Establishing a Federation presence there, they wanted a felinoid to command it. D'Sefet was offered the station's command and he accepted. As a result, he also commanded the USS Bastet NCC-61456, a Sabre-class starship attached to the station.

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