Da'note, a So'jan in the 24th century, was the Commander-in-Chief of the So'jan military since 2379. (Star Trek: Pioneer)

Rise to powerEdit

During the So'ja Rebellion against the So'ja Republic, Da'note served as a obscure Colonel amongst Admiral Ru'mal's military junta. Ru'mal assigned the then Colonel to be the military's liaison officer with the rebellion's political leader, Ar'kon. It was while he was working with Ar'kon that his potential for leadership was first seen. Ar'kon had the Colonel promoted to the rank of Admiral. Da'note replaced Ru'mal as the rebellion's military leader in late 2379, when he successful lead the coup d'état against President Ba'l. ("The Removal, Part 2")

The CoalitionEdit

Da'note pushed Ar'kon to continue with the plan to set up a dictationship, which the So'ja previously had before their contact with the Federation. In 2380, Da'note persuaded Ar'kon to accepted the help of the Romulan traitor L'mar to build clones and to incorporate Romulan technology into So'jan ships. Around the same time, Ar'kon began to be influenced by an outside source, namely Tyson Calok, who manipulated Ar'kon into naming him Chief Advisor. Da'note saw Calok's influences and noted them with his allies in the Admiralty, namely Admiral Isen'ko.

Coalition WarEdit

also see: Coalition War

With the addition of Tyson Calok to the political retinue of Ar'kon, Admiral Da'note oversaw the construction of the Revenge-class hybrid ships. After some persuasion from the So'ja High Command and others, including some prominent senators, Ar'kon named Da'note as the supreme commander of So'jan forces. As Supreme Admiral, Da'note took the CWS Kal'sa as his flagship. Admiral Da'note gave th orders that resulted in the operatives being sent to Earth to assassinate Federation President Korvin Mot. Becoming tired and frustrated with Tyson Calok's manipulation of Ar'kon, Da'note planned and negotiated a separate war treaty with the Di'gan Order. ("Prime Target"; "Everything Changes"; "The Boolran Eye, Part 2")

Da'note had contacts on Earth, whom assisted him in planning attacks during the war. This lead to Starfleet's Department of Internal Affairs to believe there was a leak in Deep Space 5. However, that was not the case. Da'note was receiving information from the rogue organization known as Section 31, having Agent Tolleson be his contact. ("Internal", "Obsession")

Further ambitionsEdit

As revealed in a conversation with Major Admiral Isen'ko, Da'note has been planning an eventually coup d'état against Ar'kon once the "King" has outlived his usefulness. ("Torment and Woe")

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