This article is for the NX-class starship Daedalus. For the prototype of the Daedalus class see USS Daedalus (prototype).

The Daedalus was launched from the Warp Five complex in orbit of Earth in early 2156. Its first mission was to escort a colonial convoy to establish a colony on a planet orbiting Nu Pyxis, within what is now known as the Neutral Zone. Contact was lost with the convoy several days into their mission. A search was mounted by Vulcan ships operating in the general vicinity, but was called off after only one week, when rogue elements of the Romulan Star Empire attacked Station Salem-One, precipitating the conflict now known as the Earth-Romulan War. It was believed that the convoy was ambushed and destroyed by Romulan forces, given the proximity to Romulan space, and the declaration of war.

In 2381, a fighter patrol from the USS Beliskner, which was involved in combat operations in the vicinity of Gamma Hydrae, discovered the Daedalus record marker, although the data onboard was irrecoverable, it lead to the discovery of the Daedalus itself, protecting a colony set up by the survivors in a nearby Mutara-class nebula. The ship had been heavily damaged in combat with the Romulans and had no way to contact Earth, necessitating the settlement. (Star Trek: New Order: Lost Planet of the Gods, Deus Ex Machina; The Starfleet Museum)

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