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Dark Frontier EpisodesEdit

Episode 1: Out of ShadowsEdit

DF ep01

Out of Shadows

A universe unlike any you have ever seen... Join the crew of the ISS Arkangel as they fight for survival in this dark vision of our future. Lives will be changed and feelings hurt, as a young Commander is thrust out of his fathers shadow and forced to take control of his destiny. Meet the Jorvin's, a band of brothers living on a powerful space station. Inner battles and deep resentments will surface as family ties are stretched to their breaking point. A beautiful and seductive Deltan, must face the most painful of experiences. The loss of a Captain, her loyal friend and lover. In darkness there is strength and in this Dark Frontier, this has never been more true.

Episode 2: Thy Promise Made, Thy Promise KeptEdit

DF ep2

Thy Promise Made, Thy Promise Kept

Episode 3: For the Good of the FewEdit

Currently in production

Dark Frontier: Operation Deliverance EpisodesEdit

Episode 1: Voice from the PastEdit


A Voice from the Past

The recent discovery of an old style message buoy, raises questions about a 23rd century light cruiser. The ISS Sudrian, which went missing in the outer unexplored reaches of the Alpha Quadrant over 130 years ago. The Lord Marshall has ordered an away team to investigate.

Episode 2: Dead on ArrivalEdit

Currently in production


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