Darlene Hudson was chief medical officer aboard the USS Striker. (Star Trek: Generation Fleet)


Born in Dover Delaware, Darlene was the born into a family of medical specialist. Jackson Hudson III was a renown pathologist, and her mother Jasmine was a Medical Doctor. In 2372, she suffered a compound fracture to her left thigh in accident while playing Parrises squares. In 2374, while trapped in a pedestrian shuttle, she helped a pregnant woman deliver her child. It was the defining moment that she wanted to enter the field of medicine. In 2376 she enrolled into Starfleet Academy and would graduate in the top 15%.

Starfleet MedicalEdit

In 2380, she entered Starfleet Medical Academy where she excelled in a number of fields, as well as making Starfleet Medical Academy Top Fifteen Percent of Class. In 2384, she was posted on the USS Victoria as an assistant chief medical officer. She would gain much knowledge in 2387 when survivors from experiments on Denias VIII were rescued, most having their reproductive systems removed. In 2389 she transferred to the USS Striker as Chief Medical Officer.

Service JacketEdit

ENS (DS9-VOY).png
Teal (DS9).png
Starfleet Medical Academy: 2380-2384
LTJG (DS9-VOY).png
Teal (DS9).png
USS Victoria: 2384-2387
LT (DS9-VOY).png
Teal (DS9).png
USS Victoria: 2387-


Starfleet Academy Top 15% of Class Starfleet Academy Top Fifteen Percent of Class: 2380
Starfleet Medical Academy Top 15% of Class Starfleet Medical Academy Top Fifteen Percent of Class: 2384

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