"I think just creating something is rewarding in itself. That joy of seeing something come together. And then when you sit down and watch the videotape - that makes the whole thing worthwhile. So we're not getting rich. Who cares. We're getting to put together a great story with great characters and then seeing how that all comes together. It's a lot of fun."
Dave Mason interviewed for Hidden Frontier: Season 4 - In Focus

Dave Mason is a fan film actor, director, and writer.

He portrayed Starfleet officer Dave Mason in Voyages of the USS Angeles and recurring criminal DiFalco in Star Trek: Hidden Frontier.

Mason also has a knack for playing Ferengi. He played DaiMons Brok and Drig in Hidden Frontier and Star Trek: The Helena Chronicles.

As a director, he helmed episodes from five different fan series: Hidden Frontier, Helena Chronicles, Star Trek: Federation One, Star Trek: Odyssey, and Henglaar, M.D..

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