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Davin Andersen, Maquis leader

Davin Andersen was a member of the Maquis resistance group in the 2370s. A former Starfleet cadet, he became one of the Maquis' early leaders, and recruited many colonists and sympathizers into the movement, including Ben Bartholomew. (Star Trek: Pendragon)


Davin Lars Andersen was born in New London, Connecticut on Earth in 2343. He was one of seven children of Akrik and Inkeri Andersen, Swedish missionaries of the Foundationist movement.

While in his teens, Davin and his siblings became friends with Benjamin Bartholomew, a cadet at Starfleet Academy's New London campus. Davin looked up to Bartholomew, and joined the Academy in 2361. He was assigned to Echo Squadron, and Ben served as his cadre supervisor.

Less than six months into his freshman year, Davin was falsely accused of improperly securing an EPS conduit on a training vessel, resulting in an explosion that claimed the lives of four other cadets. Bartholomew went to bat for him, but the board of inquiry found Davin guilty.

Washed out of the Academy, Davin cut all ties with his family, left Earth and joined the crew of a freighter operating out of Rigel IV. He eventually married a Rigelian woman and settled on the Volan III colony near the Cardassian border.


When tensions with the neighboring Cardassian colonies began building, Davin was one of the first members of the nascent Maquis resistance group, along with Calvin Hudson and Jon Loveless.

Davin's wife and children were killed in a Cardassian attack in 2369, and after the Maquis revealed themselves publicly in 2370, he quickly became one of the prominent cell leaders. With Loveless' help, he convinced Ben Bartholomew to resign his commission and join the Maquis in 2371. Davin was one of several Maquis leaders to oppose the plan to help Starfleet during the Federation Civil War, but was overruled by Michael Eddington. Nonetheless, his fear of Federation betrayal was proven justified after the war's end.

Davin and his cell were among the Maquis assembled at Cervalis V when the Klingons attacked the planet in 2374. Though he escaped with Ben Bartholomew and some eighty others aboard the SS Artemis, Davin and the other survivors were captured by the Tal Shiar and used as slave labor at a secret installation in the Demilitarized Zone.

By 2379, Davin had become ill from malnutrition and radiation exposure. Though defended by Bartholomew, he was killed by a Romulan guard and his body was burned in the incinerator. Mere days later, the other survivors were rescued by the crew of the USS Pendragon. (Star Trek: Pendragon: "L'Morte d'Maquis", "A Stranger No More", "The Good Fight")