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An alliance is born.


Calok has activated the mental programing he placed in Kelsoe, and now the captain has become a stark raving mad. Can the crew find a way to break the mental connection that Calok has created between him and Kelsoe? Plus, will Captain Tellening, Captain Burt, and Captain Riganoff, along with some unexpected help, be able convince the Romulans to join the fight?

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"Let the game begin."
— Tyson Calok after "activating" Kelsoe.

"Minark must burn! They must witness the strength of our resolve."
— Calok explain to L'mar the reason for Minark's destruction.

"You’ll want to watch this, Telek. It is not every day you get to destroy a whole world."
— Calok telling L'mar to watch the destruction of Minark.

"You will obey.... me!"
— Ar'kon asserting is authority as King.

"Ambassador Spock?"
"Yes? Ah, I believe you are having what they call an emotional response to my presence."
— Burt meets Ambassador Spock.

"If a may say, he is quite an disagreeable man, this Mister Brickenhouser."
"Coming for you, I’ll take it as a compliment."
"To each his own."
— Spock and Truman discussing Rodney Brickenhouser.

"It appears that once again the Federation seeks our help. What’s that human phrase the Klingon’s like to use all the time? All right... once more onto the breach, dear friends!"
Takaram, at the start of the negotiations with Spock, Tellening, Burt, and Riganoff.

"Your arrogance knows no bounds! The Federation claims to be an organization of peace and exploration. But time after time you find yourselves engulfed in a war without end. And what do you do then? You turn to us for help. First with the Dominion, and now with the So’ja. Really? Will it never end?"
Takaram talking about the presumption that the Romulan Star Empire will alley itself with the Federation against the Coalition.

"You know, for a guy who just lost his home world you’re surprisingly spry!"
— Dr. Chase Braga, referring to Xojo Manjala's behavior aboard the USS Pioneer.


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