Dawson Walking Bear was a Federation Starfleet officer, of Comanche descent, on active duty in at least the 23rd century.

He was born in the late 2240s and, as an ensign. was a helmsman on USS Enterprise towards the end of James T. Kirk's first five-year mission as her commanding officer. (TAS: "How Sharper Than a Serpent's Tooth")

In at least one fan continuity, Walking Bear was the night-watch (i.e., gamma-shift) helmsman as early as 2267. (Orion Press: "The Night Watch")

Walking Bear was a scholar of Earth history, particularly those of the indigenous peoples of North America and South America. During a mission in 2270, he recognized an entity purporting to be Kukulcan, an ancient snake deity of the Mayan people.

Later in the five-year mission, Walking Bear was seen wearing an operations-division uniform. (Star Trek: Phase II: "Going Boldly", "Mind-Sifter (Phase II episode)")

After Enterprise's refit in the early 2270s, Walking Bear also served at the helm, though also taught at Starfleet Academy around this time. (Orion Press: Klingons!). When Gretchen Jaeger took the Kobayashi Maru test, he was the helmsman in the simulator. (Orion Press: The Dianasian Gift)

Walking Bear had evidently moved up the ranks quickly, as he was a lieutenant commander in 2277, when Jaeger's flashback took place.

From 2275 to 2283, he transferred to USS Reliant as helmsman under Captain Clark Terrell. (Orion Press: "The Blue Rose")

Walking Bear was executive officer of USS Shenandoah for about a decade, then was posted to command of the Al-Rashid in 2294. (Orion Press: Liberation From Hell, The Dianasian Gift, "Return to Xantharus", Chekov's Enterprise)

In 2293, Walking Bear was one of many Enterprise officers who attended the funeral for James Kirk. (TOS novel: Crucible trilogy: The Fire and the Rose)

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