Deep Space 4 is a Federation deep space station and starbase near the Typhon Expanse. Around 2372, DS4 became a sector hub for renewed Starfleet interest in the Typhon Expanse region and exploration beyond the Expanse.

Per Last Unicorn Games' RPG, the station was constructed in 2352 on a "low-lying" (negative z-axis) edge of the Federation.

In his search for the ancient humanoids DNA puzzle, Richard Galen wanted to get to DS4 on a Vulcan transport, and there gain passage to Caere on an Al-Leyan transport. (TNG: "The Chase")

Captain Yumi Kanda was commanding officer of Deep Space 4 in 2371. (Dockyard Review)

The computer records from DS4 contained information on the Hansen family. Captain Janeway on the USS Voyager, while searching for information on Seven of Nine, could only find the information she needed from Starfleet's database for DS4. (VOY: "The Gift")

In 2373, the USS Cantabrian underwent repairs at DS4 over the period of several months. (Star Trek: The Cantabrian Expeditions: "Repercussions", et al)

In 2375, Deep Space 4 was the base of operations for Starfleet's Border Patrol service. Rear Admiral Davies held the post of "Guardian Six," the commanding admiral of all Border Patrol vessels. (Star Trek: The Quarterdeck Breed: "Agamemnon")

Task Force 76 was homeported at Deep Space 4 in 2377-78. (Ships of the Star Fleet, Vol. 4: Star Fleet Operating Forces. )

In 2411, USS Karelia was delayed at Deep Space 4 by a computer malfunction while en route to relieve USS Bajor at Volante. (Bait and Switch: "Shortest War Ever")

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