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This article is about the station featured in Star Trek: Pendragon. For the canonical station, see Deep Space 9.

Deep Space 9-II, normally referred to as DS9 or without the numerical suffix, was the second starbase to be jointly operated by Bajor and the United Federation of Planets, and a replacement for the first Deep Space 9. Constructed by the Cardassians, its original name was Empok Nor. (Star Trek: Pendragon: "True North," "Restoration")


As part of Project Restoration, the Starfleet Corps of Engineers, led by Miles O'Brien, towed the abandoned Empok Nor from the Trevas system to the Bajoran system in 2377, and spent the next 18 months retrofitting and upgrading its systems.


The station was officially commissioned as the new Deep Space 9 in January, 2379 by Admiral Leonard James Akaar and Bajoran First Minister Asarem Wadeen. On hand were other notable Starfleet officers and Federation dignitaries, and several starships, including the USS Enterprise, USS Cantabrian, USS Magellan, and USS Pendragon.

Several of the Bajoran Orbs, were also present at the ceremony as a benediction to seek the blessing of the Prophets. It was during this time that Elias Vaughn had an encounter with the Orb of Memory. (PDN: "Restoration", Other Knights)

Crew and Residents[]

The station's commanding officer was the man who had held that position on its predecessor, Captain Benjamin Sisko. Aside from Sisko, many of the former DS9's crew returned to the new station, including Kira Nerys, Odo, and Jadzia Dax. Quark even reopened his bar, albeit after some difficulty with the Bajoran religious establishment, and was appointed as Ferengi special envoy by the Grand Nagus. (PDN: "Restoration", "Exile", et. al)

Crew manifest[]