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Deep Space Station K-1, aka Outpost Maxwell Forrest or simply Forest Outpost, was the first deep space station of the United Earth Starfleet, the prototype for the K-class. Constructed in 2155, the station was named in honor of the recently-deceased Vice Admiral Maxwell Forrest, who died during the United Earth embassy bombing on Vulcan. (Starfleet: The First Era)

Station K-1 was located in the Galad system, orbiting the O-class planet "Njord." It was assembled by the Starfleet Corps of Engineers, using modular components brought in aboard both Starfleet and boomer vessels, under the supervision of its prospective crew. The station was eventually supported by the ESS Triton, a Neptune-class starship launched in 2159. By 2162, the orbital Galad shipyards were under construction, adding to the outpost's capabilities. (Starfleet: The First Era)

Crew manifest[]

Commanding officers
Executive officers
  • Commander Matt Hunter, 2155.12 - ?
  • Commander Lauren Conway, ? - ?
  • Lt. Commander David Stevens, ? - 1257.12
  • Commander James Rice, 2158.01 - 2158.05
  • Commander Nathan Thompson, 2158.05 - 2158.10
  • Lt. Commander Zoe Vanhanen, 2158.11 - 2159.02
  • Lt. Commander George Boyle, 2159.10 - 2160.11
  • Lt. Commander Sean Walker, 2160.11 - 2162.11

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