Deloss was a Klingon Defense Force officer who commanded the IKS Masamune in the early 25th century. (Star Trek: Phoenix-X, Star Trek Online: Unofficial Literary Challenge)


In 2390, Deloss was stationed at a Gorn outpost near Federation space when it was attacked by an unknown. He was hailed by Captain Cell and Commander Night Seifer from the USS Phoenix-X when they arrived to investigate. ("In a Window, Darkly")

In 2410, Deloss was Captain of the IKS Masamune and was injured in battle with the Children of Khan vessel Sekat. He found himself in the white space with Qu and was forced into a second-chance alternate reality where he was merely a Lieutenant junior grade ranked officer aboard the Masamune. Losing patience with his position, he rejected Qu and took command of the ship so that he could find a way back to the prime universe through a quantum fissure. He was later successful at this and returned to his reality. ("A Wonderful Life", "Holodeck Fantasy")

Later, when his ship returned to Galorda Outpost for upgrades, Deloss challenged the Sherlock Holmes holodeck program and gave James Moriarty sentience. Moriarty took over the ship and the station, but when Deloss stood up for Gorn ideals and history, Moriarty relinquished his control and escaped. ("Holodeck Fantasy")


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