"Departments" was the fifty-eighth episode of Star Trek: Phoenix-X. It was the eighth episode of the third season.


The Phoenix-X makes a non-eventful stop off at Earth, where they are supposed to meet with an X-Team technician, Robert Beck, who will assist the Phoenix-X in developing a new technology. Meanwhile, a Lieutenant Detail from Starfleet Command becomes obsessed with the Phoenix-X's presence at Earth, claiming to the higher-ups that they are keeping secrets. Seifer gets in contact with Armond, who tells him that the X-Team is and always has been working under Section 31: and that Starfleet Intelligence has no knowledge of their existence. Cell attempts to assist in Armond's failing marriage; and RaeLuna has a life-inspiring experience visiting Earth for the first time.

Memorable quotesEdit

"Monique... I performed your wedding."
"I know, Captain. I still love him. It’s just that he can be so stubborn at times.
Cell and Monique

Background informationEdit

  • Armond returns as a special appearance main character and storyline for this episode. He doesn't appear again until near the end of the season in "Spider Agencies, Part I & II" where he takes his post again aboard the Phoenix-X.
  • This is the first time Section 31 speaks to the Phoenix-X, openly. Elena and Nelkast are revealed to be in Section 31 themselves, where, previously, in "Possible Regret", they were just command-level officers working under Theseus at Starbase 55.

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