"Destiny's Revenge, Part II" was the forty-eighth episode of Star Trek: Phoenix-X. It was the second part of a three-part episode arc, and the twenty-third episode of the second season.


In "Destiny's Revenge, Part II" (Star Trek: Phoenix-X episode #48), the Borg Queen threatens to eradicate one of seven inhabited technologically slow worlds that wouldn't normally be assimilated, forcing Shane and Shoon to finally link back into the one full Changeling Shane always was.

The Phoenix-X suddenly picks up signs of another Borg Cube. When they go to investigate, they find the Winged Creature flapping around it blasting energy beams into it. Before they know it, the Cube is disabled and damaged badly. Daniel then gets an idea to take over the Cube and park the Phoenix-X inside of it.

As the Bochnah patrols for more Borg, the Phoenix-X receives a transmission from Malia. They ask for help due to Firewall running a muck through their towns. Meanwhile, down in the Battle Arena, Kayl is meditating and claims she is able to locate the Borg Cube that Shane is on through her telepathic sensory. Q begins to harass Daniel. The Captain quickly makes due with Q and uses omni'X power to knock him out of corporeal existence.

The Borg Queen, now in control of the Changeling that is Shane and Shoon, sends him out on a mission. After he's gone, the Phoenix-X with the Borg Cube surrounding it, approaches the Queen's Tactical Cube.

They then open fire on each other, as an Onnicon starship approaches, intending on firing on the Phoenix-X that's inside the other Cube. It is then the Winged Creature makes another appearance, fighting off the Queen's Tactical Cube: and the crew of the Phoenix-X recognize it as the Traveling Link they encountered a while back.

Q returns to freeze time and talk to the Captain. He shows him the anomaly, and explains that the Q Continuum created it specifically for Captain Daniel. It is fated to kill Daniel unless he returns his power.

Daniel evicts Q once again and has the Phoenix-X retreat from both the Tactical Cube and the Onnicon ship. The Traveling Link then meets up with the Phoenix-X, claiming that they are also trying to get Shane back.

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