The Detapa Council was the civilian governing body of the Cardassian Union, which was supposed to have overseen the actions of Central Command and the Obsidian Order. In reality, the Detapa Council was cowed into submission by the power of these two giants and simply put a rubber stamp upon their actions--a mere formality rather than actual governance. In fact, while the Council was supposed to be a civilian body, at least one member of the military was a sitting member in the 2370s. The Council is presided over by a Chairman; individual members are known as Councillors. (DS9: "Defiant", "Return to Grace"; Star Trek: Sigils and Unions: "Cardassian Sunrise")

In 2372, following the destruction of the Obsidian Order in the Omarion Nebula, the Detapa Council led a successful uprising with the help of the Cardassian dissident movement and asserted its power over Central Command. Unfortunately, the Klingons took this uncharacteristic rebellion by the Cardassian people as a sign of Changeling infiltration (while themselves under the influence of a Founder in the form of General Martok) and launched a pre-emptive strike against the Cardassian Union. The Detapa Council was forced to evacuate.

In 2373, Gul Dukat unilaterally negotiated the Cardassian Union's entry into the Dominion. At least one member of the Council, Kotan Pa'Dar, was executed at this time in revenge for a long-standing political enmity with Gul Dukat, and the Council was relegated back to its old role of signing off whether it wanted to or not on the unilateral actions of the military dictatorship. (DS9: "Return to Grace"; Star Trek: Sigils and Unions: "A Weaver of Lives")

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