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The Detroyat-clas was a type of destroyer that saw service in the Federation Starfleet during the 23rd century. Deceptively large for a Destroyer Classification, these vessels were built for speed and maneuverability rather than for their potential fighting capabilities and were Star Fleet's most expensive class of vessels to construct, to date. As a result, they were commissioned into the full-time fleet where their potential was realized. (FASA RPG: The Four Years War).

During its first service, the Destroyat Class Destroyers, although not the strongest, but certainly one of the fastest in the fleet, proved to be extremely versatile and efficient vessels. By 2257, however, these vessels were used as escort vessels rather than as destroyers

By 2261, half of the class had been decomissioned and stricken from the fleet register, with the remainder sent to various training and reserve commands throughout the Federation. By 2270, the class was no longer in service with Starfleet Command. By 2285, only two Detroyat vessels were known to still be operable (the ex-USS Julias and the ex-USS Debinshire), both under the ownership of a civilian corporation.

Design[edit | edit source]

The ship's design intentionally leaves a lot of empty internal space to accommodate as-needed modifications, allowing for a great deal of versatility from ship to ship in this class. Though lacking in long-range offensive capabilities, the ship's fantastic maneuverability allows it to perform rapid and effective strikes on the muchless maneuverable ships of its era.

At the onset of the Four Years War, Starfleet was tasked with building twenty new vessels with both upgraded weaponry and defensive shielding. The result was the Mark II variant, indistinguishable externally from the Mark I. It was eventually discovered that the Detroyat framework was incompatible with the new phaser weaponry that became available during the third year of the war. With that revalation, the proposed new batch of vessels were canceled after only eleven ships had been built.

Known Detroyat class Vessels[edit | edit source]

Mark I

  • USS Detroyat, NCC 1100 - Prototype and lead ship of the line (2225).
  • USS Resolution, NCC 1101 - Reassigned to permanent duty at Starbase 6 (2229).
  • USS Miramar, NCC 1102
  • USS Troden, NCC 1103
  • USS Brekenridge, NCC 1104
  • USS Niantic, NCC 1105 - Destroyed by unknown starship during coreward survey mission (2225).
  • USS Warengal, NCC 1106
  • USS Commander, NCC 1107
  • USS Strathclair, NCC 1108
  • USS Donar, NCC 1109 - Classified mission into Klingon space (2235).

Mark II

  • USS Irwin, NCC 1110
  • USS Julias, NCC 1111 - Civilian ownership (2285)
  • USS Aerfen, NCC 1112
  • USS Elizabeth, NCC 1113
  • USS Maryland, NCC 1114
  • USS Boridi, NCC 1115
  • USS Debenshire, NCC 1116 - Civilian owership (2285)
  • USS Jezar, NCC 1117 - Classified as missing (2254)
  • USS Boristar, NCC 1118
  • USS Laffer, NCC 1119 - Classified as missing (2254).
  • USS Long Beach, NCC 1120 - Classified as missing (2254).
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