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You may also be looking for Deux Ex Machina.

A mysterious threat has seemingly appeared out of the future and now threatens to turn the tides of the war with the Romulan Empire against the Federation. Beliskner is on the verge of sacrificing itself to stop the threat.

Memorable quotes[]

"Right, This one is even weirder, Now obviously this is some sort of advanced cybernetic lifeform, But on the scanner it appeared as a perfectly normal human female. It even breaths and is programmed to bleed pretty convincing blood if pricked."
"Maybe, ‘It’ would like you to stop calling ‘It’ that."
— The Daedalus' doctor and his unusual patient Cadet Percival.
"I am a woman of few words, So I’ll be brief…"
Commander Dranzian Chavin about to give a speech.
"Very well, so this is how it ends. Computer, this is Captain Hunt, initiate autodestruct sequence Omega, authorization Hunt Alpha One-Four-Seven, set target impact detonation, enable."
Captain Jonathan Hunt activating the auto-destruct on the USS Beliskner.

Background information[]

This episode was co-written with CaptainGMAN.