Devjinder Null was a pilot on the USS Mumbai in 2265. (TOSS)

Early lifeEdit

The surname Null was invented in lieu of a family name. She is generally known as Dev. (TOSS #11 "Ensign Null")

In India, people with a single name more conventionally have initials prepended based on caste, family, or patronymic names, but if this were the case she would be known as N. Devjinder and Ensign Devjinder.

Starfleet careerEdit

In 2265 she was assigned to the USS Mumbai, as a junior officer and pilot. (TOSS #9 "Dream of Flying")

During the rescue of the USS Prospero she piloted one of the two work bees. (TOSS #26 "Bee Prep", #35 "A Short Journey")

Her recreations include cricket.

Memorable quotesEdit

"Of course, some people might object to the idea of a starship dressed by Mary Quant ..."
Devjinder Null on the new women's uniform. (TOSS strip #3 "Hello, Boys")



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