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"Diplomatic Orders" is the fourth chapter of Star Trek: Federation Legacy, written in August 2013 and published on 4 September 2013. It is authored by CaptFredricks.

A seemingly routine mission to escort a Vulcan ambassador to the P'Jem monastery goes awry when the Klingons claim that he is an Undine spy.



Jason Fredricks awakes and asks the computer for the time. It responds with "Zero five thirty," and he complains that it's morning already. He gets up and takes a shower. When he returns to the bedroom, his computer is beeping, indicating he's receiving a message. Tala Jones appears on the screen and tells him that they are receiving a priority message from Admiral Jorel Quinn. Jason tells her he will take the message there in his quarters. Quinn appears on the screen and tells him he has an important mission for the USS Leviathan: escort Ambassador Sokketh from Vulcan to the monastery on P'Jem. Quinn does not want to risk the ambassador's life in the event that Klingon vessels are lurking in the area. Jason agrees and tells Quinn to consider it a personal favor.

Act I: A Simple Mission[]

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Background and trivia[]

  • This chapter is an adaptation of the Star Trek Online mission "Diplomatic Orders".
  • The chapter received a comprehensive revision in 2016. The major changes are as follows:
    • Robert Jones is revealed to have been a medic serving on a cargo freighter.
    • The USS Terev and USS Texas have been removed from Act III.
  • The original stardate for the chapter was 83185.1 (5 February 2409).

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