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"Directive" is the eighth episode of the seventh season and final episode of Star Trek: The Prospect Chronicles.


The USS Prospect-A diverts from its original mission to explore a distress call from the experimental starship USS Rutherford, listing and apparently crewless in the Gamma Quadrant. What results is a battle to regain the folded space drive prototype and to survive in an intense cat-and-mouse battle against the Jem'Hadar...


  • The episode's name is derived not from the Prime Directive but from Robert Frost's poem Directive. With the theme of family and things coming to an end, the author felt this poem adequate, specifically the verse, "Here are your waters and your watering place./Drink and be whole again beyond confusion."
  • This episode takes place sometime during the DS9 episode "Paradise Lost".


Athelstan, Jason; Bajoran Wormhole; Deep Space 9; Defiant-class; Delaney, Henrik; Delaney, Samantha; Dominion; Drever, Jennifer; Eriksson, Kari; folded space drive; Galaxy-class; Gamma Quadrant; Greene, John; Greene, Michael; Hahn Jun-Seok; Hopper, Karin; Kira Nerys; Jem'Hadar; Lansing, Anne; Miltoa; O'Donovan, Justin; Odyssey, USS; P’lomnar tribe; phaser cannon; Prospect, USS; Prospect-A, USS; Radke, Daniel; Sisko, Benjamin; Stratos, George; Tedesco, Steven; T'lomn tribe