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"Directives" is is the fourteenth episode of the second season of the fan fiction series Star Trek: Odyssey. This particular episode mainly focuses on the crew of the USS Thunderchild.


The USS Thunderchild is attacked by Tzenkethi raiders and ends up heavily damaged. With communications out, they seek refuge on a planet that is inhabited by the Malkins. The away team beams down to find out that the Malkins will not let them leave, nor will they allow the ship to leave and the rest of the crew is transported to the surface. However, some members of the crew aren't happy about the decision to stay and mutiny against Captain Stork. Some of the mutineers get back to the ship and attempt to break orbit. However, the actions they took to get back to the ship caused a chain reaction within the Malkin technology, which has the capability to destroy the planet.

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