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This article is specific to USS Baldwin continuity. For other vessels with the same name, including alternate NX-class ships, see: Discovery

Discovery (NX-03) was a United Earth NX-class starship that was stuck on a subspace sandbar and presumed lost until it was recovered by the USS Baldwin in 2377.

Discovery was launched on June 24, 2156, upon the onset of the Earth-Romulan War, and its first mission was to engage the Romulans. Six months after launch, the ship was swept by a subspace current into the subspace sandbar in the Beta Quadrant. Upon realizing the futility of escaping the sandbar, the captain set the ship up to be a generational outpost of humanity. By 2377, Kyle Galesburg was in command of Discovery.

In 2377, the USS Baldwin found the same current and followed it to the sandbar, finding Discovery. Members of the Baldwin crew were able to determine that the newer ship could overtake the current with Discovery in tow, though not without risk. Pushing Baldwin's warp engine to the limit, they were able to successfully tow Discovery back to Earth. (USS Baldwin: "Against the Wind")