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Discovery (NX-262) was the fourth starship of the NX-class commissioned by the Earth Starfleet in 2156, at the beginning of the Earth-Romulan War. (Star Trek: The Romulan Wars)

Career at the front[]

After the death of its first commanding officer and first officer, Tim Samuels assumed command of the Discovery. The ship was in very bad condition when Samuels took over, so he was forced to look for salvage parts at a battlefield. There he ordered Jericho Ross and Kyle Durrant to search for parts. While looking, their shuttlecraft was ambushed by Romulan fighters. It was saved when the Discovery destroyed the remaining fighters. The Discovery then escaped from a Romulan warbird by detonating the hulk of a damaged ship as a distraction.

The ship was also an integral player in both the Battle of Sector 2148 and the Battle of Cheron.

Discovery Officers and Crew 2157[]

Command Staff[]


  • Lieutenant Lockley

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