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"Displacement Syndrome" was the eighty-fourth episode of Star Trek: Phoenix-X. It was the ninth episode of the fourth season. The episode features crossovers into several alternate Kirk-era productions, such as the Star Trek, Star Trek: Phase II & books written in the "Shatnerverse".


In 2377, Beck, from the Starfleet Corps of Engineers survives a Borg assimilation and is brought to the Delta Quadrant where the Borg Queen enlists his help in getting Berlinghoff Rasmussen's temporal displacement drive online. Beck quickly convinces her to capture the Delta Flyer to use as a vessel for the drive, and takes the opportunity to time-shift-escape as soon as the drive is installed. But instead of shifting into a future where he doesn't exist, he finds himself in an alternate timeline.

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"We change the past all the time! It's more of a weekend activity on our part."

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