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Donald Sandhurst served as captain of the USS Gibraltar (NCC-1859). (Star Trek: Gibraltar)

"Birds fly, fish swim, and Donald Sandhurst follows orders."
— personal mantra

Early life[]

Donald was born on Earth in the city of Johannesburg in Africa.

USS Imhotep[]

This medical ship was his first posting. Commanded by Captain Carson, the Olympic-class ship was sent to Tzarin after an outbreak of a mycobacterium.

USS Cuffe[]

The USS Cuffe was commanded by Captain Sabrina Diaz. Sandhurst first met Monica Covey, then his executive officer, on the Nebula-class ship where Donald served in the engineering division. In 2368, a new XO, Terrence S. Glover, replaced Covey after Monica left to pursue her own command.

Sandhurst and Glover both became involved with an alternate-universe doppelganger of their mutual friend, Pell Ojana of Bajor. Sandhurst and the 'real' Pell were romantically involved, and his tryst with her counterpart seriously damaged his and Pell's relationship. Sandhurst revealed Glover's involvement with her duplicate to Ojana, and the entire affair led to a deep personal enmity between the men.

USS Chevalier[]

When Covey was awarded the USS Chevalier commission, she tapped Sandhurst as her chief engineer. Sandhurst served aboard the vessel for two years until his faltering romantic relationship with ship's XO Lt. Commander Pell Ojana caused him to seek a transfer to another vessel.

USS Venture[]

Sandhurst transferred aboard the Galaxy-class starship USS Venture, commanded by the acerbic and taciturn Captain Lucian Ebnal. Taking the post of Chief Engineer, Sandhurst served in this capacity for three years until the ship's first officer was killed during the Dominion War. Captain Ebnal promoted Sandhurst to the rank of full commander and appointed him the ship's executive officer.

The Venture participated in several major engagements during the war, including Operation Return as well as the first Battle of Chin'toka, and the final assault on Cardassia Prime. The ship's crew was one of the most highly decorated of the war, receiving several campaign citations for their efforts.

USS Gibraltar[]

Once again, Admiral Covey rewarded Donald when she promoted him to captain. She assigned him to the Constitution-class escort.

Memorable quotes[]

"I won’t stand here and debate such actions on a case-by-case basis, General. I can only say with conviction that war crimes of that nature go not only against my training as a Starfleet officer but every fiber of my being."
— Captain Donald Sandhurst to Klingon General K'Vada, discussing the general's plans to crush the Cardassian insurgency on Lakesh. (Embers of the Fire)