Donald Woods (referred to as Dee by his friends) was the Navigator of the USS Justice . (Tales of the Seventh Fleet)

Early life and careerEdit

Donald Woods was born in {{{Town-to-be-named}}}, on {{{Planet-to-be-named}}} in 2272. He would join Starfleet and began his engineering career in 2290. During his 5-year career in Starfleet, he served on only one starship.

The pre-Justice missionsEdit

Prior to his posting on the USS Justice , "Dee" Woods attended an advanced training course from Academy graduates. It was his excellent performance in this course that allowed him to be posted as a Navigator at such a young age.

The Justice missionsEdit

In 2295, Woods was assigned to the USS Justice to take over as Navigator. Although he is still very green, he has proven himself to be an invaluable addition to the crew. Woods is very intelligent and able to recognize patterns in sensor or navigational data quicker than most. It is because of this that he is usually assigned to work with either Commander Stoeffles or Lieutenant Commander Lupia on certain projects.

Memorable QuotesEdit

"Is this the something you were expecting, sir?"
— Woods to Stein ("A Touch of Home")


  • 2272: Donald Woods is born on Earth.
  • 2290: Woods begins his Starfleet career upon entering Starfleet Academy.
  • 2294: Ensign Woods graduates from Starfleet Academy and enrolls in a special advanced training course for sensors and navigation.
  • 2295: Lieutenant, Junior Grade Woods is assigned as Navigator of the USS Justice.

Background informationEdit

  • Woods was played by fan actor Richard Frost in the first of the character's appearances in "Return to Doomsday".
  • In "A Touch of Home", the character was recast and Michael Sawyer was awarded the role.
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