Ensign Dorian Collins was a Starfleet officer in the late 24th century. (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, USS Baldwin)

Starfleet career[edit | edit source]

As a cadet at Starfleet Academy, her performance stood out among many of her peers, and she was invited to join the elite cadet group known as Red Squad. As a member of Red Squad, she was assigned to the USS Valiant for field training exercises when the Dominion War broke out and was attacked, resulting in the loss of all of the supervising instructors.

She was given a provisional rank of Chief Petty Officer by Cadet Tim Watters, who had assumed command of the ship. She served aboard the Valiant until acting Captain Watters went on a foolhardy pursuit of a Jem'Hadar battleship. She was the only Red Squad cadet to survive. (DS9: "Valiant")

She was later returned to the academy, where she maintained excellent grades in her academic pursuits but was falling behind on fieldwork. One of her teachers, Admiral Belding, recommended her for additional field duties aboard the USS Baldwin. (USS Baldwin: "Evolution")

Patrick would assign her to the engineering department, where she was made comfortable and given positive encouragement by her fellow crew members, including her supervisor, Bridget, and the ship's XO, Jaimie Petrelli.

She would be an observer to the budding relationship between Baldwin Captain Patrick Ingrum and her supervisor. She expressed concern for Bridget's health when she was experiencing the early signs of pregnancy.

After three months aboard Baldwin, Patrick granted her a commission and invited her to stay on, which she accepted. (USS Baldwin: "Boats to Build")

She officially graduated from Starfleet Academy in 2377. She attended graduation ceremonies on Earth along with her mentor, Jaimie Petrelli. (USS Baldwin: "Reaction to Action")

In 2377, she listened as Patrick and Bridget told stories about the USS Hastings and Torros II, respectively. (USS Baldwin: "Wild Roses")

Service jacket[edit | edit source]

Assignment History[edit | edit source]

First Year Cadet 2373-74 Starfleet Academy USS Baldwin: "Reaction to Action"
Second Year Cadet
Acting Chief Petty Officer
2374-75 Engineer, USS Valiant DS9: "Valiant"
Third Year Cadet 2375-76 Starfleet Academy USS Baldwin: "Evolution"
Fourth Year Cadet 2376 Engineer, USS Baldwin
Ensign 2376- USS Baldwin: "Boats to Build"

Appearances[edit | edit source]

Background[edit | edit source]

  • According to the Star Trek Encyclopedia, her name is a reference to Apollo 11 astronaut Michael Collins.
  • The idea behind her appearance in USS Baldwin is that she had some issues after the incident in DS9: "Valiant" and that the young cadet needed positive encouragement out in the field.
  • DS9: "Valiant" indicated that she was a young cadet; therefore, USS Baldwin assumes that she entered the academy at 17 and that she was a second-year cadet during her time aboard the Valiant.

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