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Dork & Spaz Productions is a series of crossover and fusion fan fiction novels by Michelle M. Chase and Scott R. Stevens, based on original characters developed by both writers. They cross over with several fandoms over the extent of several novels while attempting to keep Star Trek as the main focus.

The authors currently have written about two dozen novels in the past decade; however, only the first few are available to read online, as they are heavily revising them for spelling, grammar, and continuity.

Main characters[]

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Follows Apollo's journey from the 21st century to the 23rd. This includes his Starfleet Academy years and his rise through the ranks to captain.

A New York Yankee in Kathryn Janeway's Court[]

Allucia accidentally triggers a cosmic event with antiquated technology throwing her not only several hundred years into the future, but into the Delta Quadrant, in Voyager's path.


Apollo returns to Starfleet during the Dominion War and helps the Federation turn the tide against the Dominion. This story marks the first evidence of a crossover, but only in one item of technology.

Love Hurts[]

Voyager stops at a hospitable planet called Yamato, which invites them for several months' shore leave and offers to help them refit their travel-weary ship. Allucia gets to spend some time with some people her own age, and falls in love but is also cursed by a magical spring. This is the first major fusion story; the main fandoms crossed over are Star Trek: Voyager, Ranma ½ and Dragon Ball Z. Light is made of a few other animes, but only the previous two listed are integral to the plot.

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