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Dragon Ball Z vs. Star Trek: The Beginning of Infinity is a German crossover fan fiction story by SSJKamui, a prequel to Dimensional Prophecy of Zohar and some earlier fanfics by SSJKamui.

Main characters[]

  • Rene Michael
  • Isabell I
  • Kamui of the House of Vegeta
  • Siraika
  • Hiromi

Secondary characters[]


  • "Aktivitäten im Schatten der Geschichte" ("Activities in the Shadow of History")
Some Tal Shiar buildings are attacked by an unknown force, and some people attack Isabell I for an unknown reason.Rene Michael is told to investigate. During the investigation, he discovers a dangerous plan of the Obsidian Order and stops them together with Kamui of the House of Vegeta, a Saiyan who is a member of the Tal Shiar. After Rene Michael stopped the Obsidian Order, he becomes an admiral.
  • "Times of Change and Times for the Search for Luck"
A Tal Shiar ship is kidnapped by a former member of the Tal Shiar, and someone hacks into Starfleet's computers. Later, somebody steals the new experimental Arale Supercomputer. At the same time, Sema, a girl from a planet which suffered from many damages due to an attack of the Klingons arrives at Gemna Kolaris. Nobody in the Starfleet knows that the former Tal Shiar member is Sema's brother.
  • "Bruderkrieg" ("War of Brothers")
Rene Michael becomes the commander of the newly refitted USS Immanuel Kant to stop a Maquis crew who has a plan to attack Cardassia. He doesn't really want to continue this mission because many former shipmates became members of this Maquis crew, but he tries to fulfill his mission because it's his duty.
  • "Gnosis"
Rene Michael and his family is invited to the wedding of the scientists Aralak Yagiyu and Aanima Yagiyu, but some unknown agents spy on them and attack them later. Some years later, Rene Michael becomes the foster father of Madoka Michael, and the mysterious agents reappear.




Split beaming[]

This is a special operation that is only possible if the transporter is connected to a network of computers and transporters. In this operation, the data of the beamed object becomes divided into some packages, and each package is sent to a different computer or transporter. If the package is sent to a computer, this computer sends it to the transporter. At the target location, every package is combined again. This operation enables the transporter to work faster and enables the transporters to operate more effectively. Another effect of this system is that it's more difficult to trace the transporter signal to its origin. (This system is shown in the last episode.)


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