Drake Mallory was a human Police Captain and later private investigator, living in the mid-to-late-24th century. (Kal-Dixas Spaceport)


Early lifeEdit

Drake Thomas Mallory was born 10 December 2334 on Aldebaran Prime. His mother was Ann Mallory, and his father was Thomas Mallory, a smuggler for the Orion Syndicate.

When Drake was four, his parents divorced and his father disappeared, leaving Ann to raise him on her own. Ann died of Sakuro's disease in 2342, and Drake began to live in a series of foster homes.

He ran away from one such foster home in 2349 at the age of fifteen. Police Detective Paul Blaisdell found Drake on the streets of Rigel X and took him in, becoming a surrogate father to him.


In 2352, Drake enrolled in the University of Aldebaran, studying law. He graduated in 2356. He joined the Aldebaran Police Department, eventually working his way up to the rank of Police Lieutenant.

He had an affair with a woman named Kaleyna in late 2363 or early 2364, unaware that she was the daughter of El-Aurian crimelord Yule. Kaleyna became pregnant, and hid the child from Drake.

Drake learned he had a half-brother, Brian Mallory in 2365, when Brian came to find him on Aldebaran.

A year later, Drake apprehended Yule, but the crimelord escaped, killing Drake's partner, Tom MacLeod, his mentor Police Captain James Hudson, and his fiance, Katherine Hudson.

In 2367, Drake was promoted to Police Captain, and he transferred to the Aldebaran branch of the UFP's Fugitive Retrieval Section. It was at that time that he began using a pellet projection tube or PPT weapon, and was given a Specified Encapsulated Limitless Memory Archive unit, or SELMA, whose holographic interface was modelled after Katherine Hudson.

Mallory, PIEdit

Drake finally recaptured Yule in 2369, but the crimelord was acquitted on lack of evidence. In reality, both the judge and the district attorney were on Yule's payroll. Frustrated at the system, Drake resigned from the police department. He relocated to the Rigel system and became a private investigator.

In 2370, he investigated the Starfire bombings and the murder of Savek, a renowned Vulcan physicist.

Drake investigated the so-called Martian Sand murders in 2373, and helped take down the Fizal Cartel. He picked up Yule's trail late in the year, and followed it to Kal-Dixas, where he kept a low profile for several months, observing Yule's operations.


Background notesEdit

  • The character of Drake Mallory was partially inspired by Edward Woodward's portrayal of Robert McCall on The Equalizer television series.
  • There have been several different portrayals of Drake Mallory; Edward Woodward, Bruce Boxleiter, Russell Crowe, and Hugh Jackman have all "played" the role. Viggo Mortensen and Clive Owen were also contenders. It wasn't until 2007 that the question was settled: Journeyman's Kevin McKidd.
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