Commander Dranzian Chavin is a joined Trill and the fifth host to the Chavin symbiont, a 400-year-old symbiont whose first host was stranded on Earth for a number of years during the early 21st century. During this time she fell in love with Terran "science fiction" television. Because of her exposure to "sci-fi" she often emulates the characters of her favorites; she often compares herself to a Tok'ra and occasionally uses phrases such as "Holy Hannah" and "frak". Between her lifetimes of experience and idolization of Samantha Carter, she is an excellent science officer and operations manager. She has also proven herself as a capable pilot, in the image of Kara Thrace. She was assigned as CAG when Captain Jonathan Hunt received command of the USS Beliskner, and after the battle for Vulcan she was promoted to Commander to replace Tertian, and give the air wing a voice in command decisions. (Star Trek: New Order)

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Here is an original short story detailing certain aspects of her backstory.(Citation needed)

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