"Dream a Little Dream of Me" is stand-alone episode of Star Trek: The Cantabrian Expeditions and fan-fiction contribution to the Star Trek: Hidden Frontier continuity.


Ro Nevin is missing, presumed dead. Corey Aster is in a coma, a "guest" of the Romulans. But his old counselor, and now friend, USS Cantabrian-A officer Daniel Radke undertakes a secret mission to prepare Aster for transport back to the Federation, whether the Romulans are willing to allow him to or not.



2367; 2379; 2384; Archein; cortical inhibitor; Aster, Amy; Aster, Corey; Aster, Helen; Aster, Jeremy; Aster, Lee; Battle of Wolf 359; Borg; Braidian; Cantabrian-A, USS; Chicago; D'Mer; Deep Space 12; disruptor; "Dream a Little Dream of Me"; Elbrey, Myra; Enterprise-D, USS; Galaxy-class; The God of Small Things; Greene, John; Hamelin, Rose; Helena, USS; Lawless, Brendon; Lefler, Robin; McFarland, Jenna; Melbourne, USS; Melonsky, Alan; Morgan, Samuel; Munoz, Jason; Negh'Var-class; Ness, Mordan; Odyssey, USS; Prospect, USS; Prospect-A, USS; Quasar-class; Radke, Daniel; Rawlins, Brad; Renaissance-class; Risa; Ro Nevin; Romulan; Romulan Neutral Zone; Romulan shuttle; Romulan Senate; Roy, Arundhati; Shorewood, IL; Special Operations; Stadi, Maya; Starfleet Academy; Starfleet Medical; Tal Shiar; Tarketh, IRW; Tovath; tricorder; Unroth III; Unroth system; warbird; Whitby, Richard; Wrightson, Noah

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