Star Trek Expanded Universe

Durgan Morlon was the chief engineer and third officer of the Federation starship Prometheus. (Star Trek: Prometheus)


Durgan was born on February 12 2336, on Trill, to Raneaul and Sasha Turin and was joined to the symbiont Morlon on June 7, 2367. In 2359, Durgan graduated from the Academy third in his class.

The Morlon symbiote's previous host was Kerian, a friend of Argyle MacLeod (Logan MacLeod's father). Kerian, and by extension Morlon, was on the away mission that Argyle was killed on. Kerian escorted Argyle's body home for burial. As a result of Durgan's symbiote having been hosted by a friend of Logan's family Durgan remembers Logan from before the two of them first met and meeting himself at Logan's father's funeral.

Durgan also remembers meeting Solen for the first time twice. (Once as Durgan Turin during his first year at the academy and once as Kerian Morlon at Argyle MacLeod's funeral.)

After his joining with the Morlon symbiote Durgan became more protective (in a pseudo-fatherly manner) of his friend Logan MacLeod than he had been before due to possessing to Kerian Morlon's memories.

Background information[]

  • Images of actors are used to simulate the cast of the series. As a result Durgan Morlon is portrayed by Tim Ryan.