The Eagle's Nest Squadron was the semi-official name of an elite Starfleet special operations unit active during late 24th century. The "Eagles" were often dispatched on "troubleshooting" assignments, reconnaissance missions, and other clandestine affairs. (Star Trek: Pendragon)

History[edit | edit source]

The squadron was formed in 2364 by Commander Stephen Tecklenberg, under the joint auspices of Starfleet Intelligence, Strategic Operations and Starfleet Tactical. Tecklenberg assembled a team of his trusted friends and proteges, including Trupp, John Seilback, and Timothy Sinclair. (PDN: "Wings as Eagles", "Scandalon")

Based out of Starbase 20 in sector 21087, the squadron drew its name from the nearby Eagle's Nest Nebula. Under Tecklenberg's command, the prototype vessel USS Scandalon (NX-71125) was assigned for their use.

Originally intended for deployment to the Cardassian border as a rapid response team, the scope of their assignments was quickly expanded, and the unit became an all-purpose troubleshooting team.

The Eagles' early assignments included investigations of Dr. Paul Manheim's lab complex and the ruins of Minos. Because of these and other missions, Tecklenberg once mused that the squadron had become "just the Enterprise's cleanup crew."

After a briefing on the attempted parasite-takeover of Starfleet Command, the Eagles were assigned to track the parasites' signal to its destination. After six weeks chasing the signal, the Scandalon was diverted to investigate the loss of the outposts in Sector 30, and uncovered the earliest evidence of Borg incursions into the Alpha Quadrant. Starfleet Intelligence kept the reports secret and recalled the Scandalon to Starbase 20.

In September 2365, Tecklenberg authorized Tim Sinclair to lead an undercover mission behind the Cardassian border to infiltrate the Orion Syndicate and shut down their operations in the Lakann sector. During the operation Sinclair and his team were captured by the Obsidian Order, and Ensign Brad Powell was tortured and killed. Powell was the first Eagle to fall in the line of duty.

Tecklenberg continued to lead the Eagles after his promotion to Captain in 2370, and through the Federation Civil War, until his disappearance in the Letchworth Nebula in 2376.

After six weeks of searching, Tecklenberg was declared missing in action. Admiral Alynna Nechayev had his service record and logs sealed, mothballed the Scandalon and officially disbanded the Eagle's Nest Squadron.

Although reassigned, the Eagles disobeyed orders and spent the next five years searching for Tecklenberg. He was rescued from Tal Shiar captivity in 2381, through the combined efforts of the former Eagles and the crew of the USS Pendragon. (PDN: "Salvation", et al.)

Afterwards, though the squadron was not officially reformed, many of the former Eagles reunited for a variety of missions during the 2380s.

Eagles and associates[edit | edit source]

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