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Earth Spacedock (aka Starbase 1, 01, or 001), often shortened to ESD in casual conversation, was a United Federation of Planets space station active during from the late 23rd century at least into the early 25th century. It was a large, mushroom-shaped facility that included multiple internal docking bays, and a crew compliment in the hundreds of thousands. (Star Trek III: The Search for Spock, Star Trek Online, et. al)


According to one account, the station had at least eight internal docking bays, and a crew complement of 318,000. (Earth Spacedock)

Class nomenclature[]

The class of station to which Earth Spacedock belonged as been referred to as:

Lacking a canon or otherwise official name to use, Memory Alpha and Memory Beta simply refer to this class of station as "spacedock type." Jackill's use of Ournal class is the earliest known name given to Spacedock's class, and that name has seen extensive use in technical fandom and beyond ever since.


23rd century[]

Earth Spacdock in the mid-23rd century (Star Trek Online)

Construction began on Spacedock at least as early as 2257. (DIS: "Will You Take My Hand?")

In Star Trek: Discovery, Earth Spacedock and Starbase One are shown to be two discrete facilities; the former is in orbit of the Earth, and still under construction in 2257, while the latter is located 100 AUs from the Earth. (Star Trek: Discovery: "The War Without, The War Within")

Alternatively, Earth Spacedock originated as the United Earth Transportation Hub and was used for commercial traffic to and from Earth. Sections were added to the original structure over the decades, culminating in the familiar mushroom-shaped structure extant as early as 2250. (TOS novel: Academy: Collision Course)

It is quite possible that the spacedock referred to in Collision Course is a separate station with the same general shape, as depicted in Star Trek Online's Agents of Yesterday. Such a facility being in use before and during the construction of the station first seen in The Search for Spock would allow for both Collision Course and "Will You Take My Hand" to remain consistent with each other and pre-Discovery sources and fanworks.

Orion Press[]

Spacedock was a Safe Haven-class facility built in 2275. It was said to be the homeport for USS Enterprise. Its staff of engineers numbered at about 1,000. (Orion Press: Liberation from Hell)

24th century[]

In 2370, Admiral Daniel docked the USS Phoenix (NCC-65420) at the station to join a conference on Earth. During this time, Captain Benjamin Maxwell was working at the station, trying to redeem himself after his attacks aboard the same ship three years earlier. But upon happenstance, Commander Sith caught Maxwell leafing off information to the Maquis, forcing Sith to put an end to the transaction. Unfortunately, the incident lead Section 31 to get involved and attempt to capture and sell Maxwell to the Cardassians in return for allowing the USS Phoenix-X to be built in Cardassian space. Luckily Sith was able to recover Maxwell in time and bring him back to Spacedock, which was alternatively referred to as Starbase 01. (Star Trek: Phoenix-X: "The Recruited")

In 2376, Spacedock was boarded by the Vendoth during the Battle of Sol. (Star Trek: Unity: "United We Stand - Together")

In 2383, Armond from the Phoenix-X contacted the station during his mission to save the tech-team at Earth. He spoke to the station from the advanced medical shuttle USS Angel Wing. (Star Trek: Phoenix-X: "Transphasic Meltdown")

Spacedock MSD

25th century[]

In early 2410, Spacedock was severely damaged during a battle with the Undine, necessitating a massive reconstruction project, which resulted in a drastically redesigned interior. Sometime later, ESD again sustained extensive damage in the final battle of the Iconian War. (Star Trek Online: "Surface Tension", "Midnight")

After the Iconian battle, Mika and Jarell of the USS Dropzone observed how quickly the repairs occurred, done by exocomps. (Star Trek: Phoenix-X: "Aftermath")

Spacedock was secretly outfitted with cloaked anti-Undine devices by the crew of the USS Philadelphia-A. The station was later attacked by an Undine faction, who attempted to board, but were whisked away to Fluidic space. (Earth Spacedock)

28th century[]

In the 28th century, Spacedock was called Starbase 001. It continued to be a Federation starbase, and space station which orbited Earth. It was commanded by Captain David Major, and held the office of Fleet Admiral Tom Garrison. Starships such as the USS Pollux were attached to it. (Star Trek: 001, Scorpion's Descent, Star Trek: Starbase 001, Star Trek: Phoenix-X: "Second Life")

In 2752, Starbase 001 was one of the last stronghold starbases in the Federation. During this year, the Federation went to war with the Alliance, forcing 001 to be the base of operations against the enemy. (Star Trek: 001: "Red Sand, Dark Tide")


Deck 1[]

In the 28th century, Lieutenant Sith, while looking out the windows of an external view of a ship, in a Deck 1 back corridor, encountered his old Vulcan fighting teacher Shikel. Shikel visited the station to offer to be Sith's teacher again. (Star Trek: 001: "Alone, Part III")

Operations Command Center[]

Oroku Seifer in Operations on Earth Spacedock in 2410.

Operations Command Center (or OCC), like the Bridge of a starship, was the main control area of the station in 2753. Admiral Tom Garrison went to the OCC during a crisis to discover that the Earth and stars had disappeared from the station's detection. (Star Trek: 001: "Alone, Part I")

Deck 4[]

Transporter room[]

Jennifer Hurst escorted Ambassador Michael Larkin to the transporter room on Deck 4 when Larkin was given an undesired Intelligence officer position. (Star Trek: 001: "When It Rains..., Part III")

Deck 5[]

Doctor Gao Gent-al was apprehended in a corridor on Deck 5 by Lieutenant Commander K'Rak. (Star Trek: 001: "The Last Place You Look, Part III")

Medical Bay[]

Deck 5 contained a Medical Bay where K'Rak and Sith attempted to apprehend Doctor Gao Gent-al for criminal behaviour. (Star Trek: 001: "The Last Place You Look, Part III")

Deck 7[]

Captain David Major was strolling a corridor on Deck 7 when he was suddenly informed of an illegal console access on the same deck. He met K'Rak and a security team at the turbolift to find a broken console and a dead body around the following corner; Deck 7, Section 31. (Star Trek: 001: "The Last Place You Look, Part II")

Some weeks later, around the corner from the holodeck, Sith discovered two Letheans attempting to capture Zeta and was successful in saving the android spider. ("When It Rains..., Part III")

When Ullii Lauren was charged with an attempted assassination of Tom Garrison, she escaped security in a corridor on Deck 7, Section 21-A, where K'Rak told Tanik what was going on. ("Retribution, Part III")


The senior staff became trapped in a World War III simulation on the holodeck when Commander Oswald locked them in there, remotely. When the lock was lifted, the crew exited to the corridor on Deck 7. (Star Trek: 001: "When It Rains..., Part III")

Deck 8[]

Head of station security, K'Rak, discovered unauthorized access to station panel 34-F8 on Deck 8, despite a security lockdown. (Star Trek: 001: "The Last Place You Look, Part I")

Deck 13[]

Lieutenant Sith fell into a trance and stopped walking in a corridor on Deck 13 when a Lethean named Matrix probed his mind remotely. Sith's consciousness was regressed into a memory which Matrix was able to watch and take part in. (Star Trek: 001: "When It Rains..., Part IV")

Deck 47[]

Deck 47 contained the shipyard, infirmary, Admiral Quinn's office, Club 47 and much more. (Star Trek Online)

Club 47[]

Club 47 was a social zone for Starfleet officers and visitors to Spacedock where they could dance, order drinks or sit in a lounge. (Star Trek Online)

Lounge & Bar[]

The bar (or Synthbar) was the communal drinking spot for visitors of Spacedock. Captain Aeris drank at the Synthbar when she was forced off her deep space mission and regretted her status. (Earth Spacedock: Page 1)

Deck 50[]

Elric stopped for a breath in Deck 50 while traversing the vertical Jefferies tubes during a Spacedock lockdown in which the station was infected by Borg nanoprobes. Commander Jim Dennison and his Omega Operatives equipped Elric and Captain Krystal Jade before continuing their descent. (Earth Spacedock: Page 68-69)

Deck 58[]

Deck 58 contained Storage Section Sigma 5, where Captains did not have enough access, although Starfleet Intelligence officers did. The storage section contained narrow passageways of highly secured drawers. Elric brought a Klokian omnisphere here to be protected at Commander Bradden's discretion. (Earth Spacedock: Page 141)

Deck 65[]

When Spacedock became infected with Borg nanoprobes, Captain Elric suggested modifying phaser rifles with condensed omicron particles, which he could procure from a reserve in the science labs on Deck 65. (Earth Spacedock: Page 68) Elric, Jim Dennison and Krystal Jade accessed a vertical cargo lift tube (without the lift) at Deck 65, Section 8, during the Mirror Borg invasion in 2410. They scaled it downward, quickly surpassing several decks, toward the decks surrounding the Main Reactor. (Earth Spacedock: Page 71)

Science Lab 12[]

Deck 65 contained a corridor of several science labs. (Earth Spacedock: Page 69) During the Mirror Borg invasion in 2410, Captain Elric discovered that Science Lab 12 was filled with rejected Borg drones, many of which were dead, except for Professor Raven. (Earth Spacedock: Page 70)

Science Lab 23[]

Elric, Jim Dennison and Krystal Jade went to Science Lab 23 where Elric prepared weapon attachments with omicron cells to fight Borg nanoprobes. (Earth Spacedock: Page 69)

Deck 83[]

In 2410, Captains Sarah Walker and Elric visited a holodeck on Deck 83, where they ran a Klingon calisthenics program. (Earth Spacedock: Page 171)

Airlock Hatch Deck[]

In 2370, Sith followed Benjamin Maxwell to an Airlock Hatch corridor that serviced and connected to several starships on the exterior of Spacedock. (Star Trek: Phoenix-X: "The Recruited")

Living quarters[]

Benjamin Maxwell had temporary quarters in this deck and snuck out of them to deliver data which would have allowed the Maquis to hijack the USS Phoenix. (Star Trek: Phoenix-X: "The Recruited")

Recreation Deck[]

In 2410, Captain Elric went to the Security office on the Recreation Deck to confront a prisoner known as Claire. (Earth Spacedock: Page 67)

In the 28th century, known as The Deck, the area was immensely active in a four level high open concept with alien visitors, shops and bridges connecting each side. Lieutenant Sith and Zeta would spend most of Sith's security work shift monitoring and people watching visitors on The Deck. (Star Trek: 001: "New Beginnings")


Commander Ryan Allington, Captain of the USS Victorious boarded a turbolift from Bay 4 with Captain Saph and commanded the lift to take them to the Promenade to get lunch. (Earth Spacedock: Page 1)

Food Court[]

In the 25th century, Fleet Admiral Nat Wallace, Captain Krystal Jade and Commander Ryan Allington met in the Food Court and discussed their various past missions. (Earth Spacedock: Page 1)


The Double~Helix was a Bolian-run bar also known to be on The Deck in the 28th century. It was run by Lattrel Ottel during the Federation-Alliance War. (Star Trek: 001: "Retribution")

Clothing store[]

Ottel visited a clothing store to have a jacket fitted for himself. He found the left sleeve longer than the right and left the jacket to get fixed and picked up the next day. (Star Trek: 001: "When It Rains..., Part I")

Security office[]

Captain Aeris took command of station security in the 25th century and worked out of the Security office. She attempted to hold Elihu M'Konel for a suspected secret mission but was ordered by Starfleet Intelligence to let him go. (Earth Spacedock: Page 4)

In the 28th century, Lieutenant K'Rak and Rune Sith had offices right across from each other. (Star Trek: 001)

Main Reactor[]

The Main Reactor was surrounded by several engineering decks. Elric, Krystal Jade and Jim Dennison accessed the main deck which services the Reactor in order to destroy a Borg central plexus during an invasion in 2410. A cargo lift, a vertical tube intercepting many decks on Spacedock, had many access points throughout the decks, including one large access on the Reactor's main deck. Elric, Krystal Jade and Jim Dennison accessed the Main Reactor by the cargo lift's main entrance on the Reactor's main deck. (Earth Spacedock: Page 71)



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