Lieutenant Eden Harmon was a Starfleet officer in the late 24th century. (Eighth Fleet RPG)

She was just out of the Academy when she was posted to serve under acting Chief Tactical Officer Lt. Therav Shan aboard the USS Monitor.

Lieutenant Harmon, then an ensign, was the newest, greenest officer on the Dominion War operation referenced in Shan's journal in 2375. She was often discounted or scorned by the other officers - by now, all hardened veterans - for saying things like, "Doesn't he deserve a proper burial?".

Despite recommendation by Captain Hayashi, she chose not to attend the Advanced Tactical Training Program, but has taken further coursework in language and interstellar relations.

Harmon is a Fleet Brat. Her parents (now divorced) were both Starfleet officers at the time of her birth, and she was raised on an assortment of starbases, moving every few years as her mother changed assignments. Despite high marks in more academic disciplines, she chose to work in security because being bodyguard to an important person (such as an ambassador or important scientist) or being on a first contact mission, is what really gets her excited.

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