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Educational Armageddon is the twelfth episode of Star Trek: The Stoneship Files.


Act 1[]

The Lyran Senate was in session; they debated the educational risks of a teacher labor dispute on Peladine and how they should act, realizing that there are hundreds of millions of people at stake. Meanwhile, back on the Stoneship, Lyran Starfleet Command recalls the ship from the Deti Expanse, even after discovering a planet suitable for agriculture. During the flight, the fifth-grade teacher asked the bridge officers for ideas about a new unit. Sulivac learns that he is promoted and offered a command by the Lyran duke of Peladine, Roshak.

Act 2[]

Atenza wonders where the Guilmain sisters were educated and it appears that Mandy Guilmain studied at Kinda Sorta College and later on to Spoiled Rotten University, while Atenza studied at University of Whoville and at University of Mississippi. Peokaa chimed in, realizing that Sandy, the pharmacist, obtained her Doctor of Pharmacy at KSC, later asking for her chances at getting into Braytac University, on Adeptus IV, after receiving a free application from the school, referencing her grade-point average and the Matura, just moments to entering an away mission.

Act 3[]

Down on the ground, they meet teachers on a picket line around a high school. Brianna Reiss, the mediator mandated by Starfleet Command, wasted no time gathering information about the issues being bargained, wondering how they were going to pay for the proposed educational improvements. Meanwhile, Mandy plays the role of a college counselor to another kid, Katola, a Ranel high schooler that studied for the Matura with Peokaa, with the two of them even accusing Roshak of being a liar, before taking the team to Katola's home, later getting her parents' permission to study on the ship until the end of the strike and purchasing the entire stock of furniture for sale.

Act 4[]

Realizing that the teachers all across the Lyran Star Empire are ready to support the Peladine teachers thick and thin, Brianna asked all teachers onboard to have the students make picket signs, with several of them questioning the value of sending kids to protests. Meanwhile, they realize that they are, indeed, living a teachable moment in history. Then Katola proceeds to tell the faculty on the ship the failures of Lyran public education, while telling them she received a dozen free applications, among which is Seirauna University and finally, Brianna received the mandate of fixing Peladine schools.

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