Edward was a Starfleet flight controller at rank of Lieutenant stationed aboard the USS Ragnarok in the early 25th century. (Earth Spacedock, Star Trek: Phoenix-X)

History[edit | edit source]

In 2410, Edward was a helm operator for the civilian transport Elysium when it was bringing crew from Earth Spacedock to a funeral at Caldos III. She was distraught at the sight of two Klingon battle cruisers, a Gorn Tuatara-class ship, and an Orion Brigand-class ship named the Volocron of which all locked tractor beams on the Elysium at approach of the planet. Reporting to Oroku Seifer that her ship did not have weapons, Gorn boarded and were proceeded to be defeated by Elihu M'Konel and Krystal Jade. Before she could transport Seifer to the Gorn ship, Terry, infused with Sleri, transported himself over to defeat them. She then discovered Terry's energy output overloaded the transporter systems of the Elysium. Later, when they witnessed the destruction of G'arto Prime's star, Edward joined Seifer and Aramaki aboard the IKS Mogholegh with intentions of going to G'arto Prime to save as many people as they could. Unfortunately, the Mogholegh was sabotaged in-transit and she and everyone were forced to escape to the IKS Furt'gh and return to Caldos III for the funeral. She was present at the funeral when a bomb went off and disrupted proceedings. (Earth Spacedock: Pages 23-25)

Later, Edward was assigned as helm operator aboard the USS Ragnarok and was present during the crew's first senior officer staff meeting. She discovered a Verathan sub-ossemite statue hiding underneath the briefing room table which Captain Oroku Seifer had been having trouble deciphering. She postulated that the statue's powered-up abilities were a function meant for cultural worship, and was later excited to bring the Ragnarok to a Deferi distress call. (Star Trek: Phoenix-X: "Department Heads")

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