Ancient Egypt was a long-standing and once-flourishing civilization in northeastern Africa on the planet Earth. People or things originating from Egypt are described as Egyptian.

The civilization built itself around the river Nile over the period of approximately 3,500 years, beginning around 3150 BC with the unification between factions along the Nile.

Nefertiti was believed to be a pharaoh in ancient Egypt, or at least power-shared with her pharaoh husband.

In 2373, throwing himself onto Samantha Delaney's folded space drive weapon in an attempt to stop it destroying Earth, Noah Wrightson was thrown back to approximately 1350 BC in ancient Egypt. Once there, he discovered what he believed to be an alien threat, headed by Ay, and attempted to stop it. This belief stemmed from the fact no Nefertiti seemed to exist in this timeline, and Wrightson believed Ay and his cohorts had murdered her to alter the timeline.
In 2374, Patricia Graves, commanding officer of the USS Cantabrian-A, discovered a time portal leading to the same time frame Wrightson was in and entered it. In order to stop the battle and bring the aliens under control, Graves exchanged herself for Wrightson's safety and release back to 2374; the aliens agreed.
Graves became Nefertiti; the aliens had not murdered Nefertiti, but she simply did not exist until Graves created her. (Star Trek: The Cantabrian Expeditions: "Where There's A Man Who Has No Voice, There Ours Shall Go Singing")

Egypt was a possible site of visitation by alien astronauts in the distant past. Such theories were decried as fringe, pseudo-science in the 21st century, but corroborating evidence had been discovered by the 2300s. The Felisians were one such group of aliens to have visited Egypt in Earth's early history. (Star Trek: Liberty)

Starfleet officer Dina Elfiki was a native Egyptian. (TNG novel: Greater Than the Sum)

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